Meeting Agenda

Meeting Date: 3/12/2015 9:00:00 AM



March 12, 2015 
9:00 a.m.

Meeting Location: CFX Boardroom
4974 ORL Tower Road, Orlando, FL 32807

Pursuant to Rule 1-1.011, the governing Board for the CFX has set aside at least 15 minutes at the beginning of each regular meeting for citizens to speak to the Board on any matter of public interest under the Board's authority and jurisdiction, regardless of whether the public interest is on the Board's agenda, but excluding pending procurement issues. Each speaker shall be limited to 3 minutes.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES -                                               (action item)                   
      1)  January 8, 2015 Board Meeting (Revised)  
      2)  February 12, 2015 Board Meeting    
      3)  February 12, 2015 Board Workshop              

D. APPROVAL OF CONSENT AGENDA (see below)             (action item)
E. REPORTS                     
               1. Chairman's Report  
               2. Treasurer's Report
               3. Staff's Report       

1.  Wekiva Parkway/TIFIA LoanCongressman Daniel Webster                                  (Info. item)

2.  Adoption of Master JuniorLien Resolution and Adoption of First Supplemental Junior & Lien Bond Resolution Authorizing the issuance of Junior Lien Revenue Bonds, Series 2015  in connection with the TIFIA Loan Agreement for the Wekiva Parkway Project (Authority  Segments)      (Action Item)

3.  Update on Executive Director SearchMichael Scheeringa, Board Member and Chair of  Executive Search Committee            (Info. Item) 

4.  Approval of Resolution Adopting Ethics Policy –  Jo Thacker, Esquire  (Action Item)

5.  Bus Toll Lanes Concept -
Joe Waggoner, Executive Director of Tampa-Hillsborough  County Expressway Authority   (Info. Item) 

6.  Federal Lobbyist Needs -
Commissioner Fred Hawkins, Board Member          (Discussion Item)

7.  Commuter Relief and Outreach for I-4 Ultimate ProjectLaura Kelley, Deputy 
     Executive Director and Michelle Maikisch, Director of Public Affairs & Communication
(Action Item)

This meeting is open to the public.

Note: Any person who decides to appeal any decision made at this meeting will need record of the proceedings and for that purpose, may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made which includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.

Consent Agenda
March 12, 2015


    1.   Authorization to Advertise for Fence Repair and Replacement Services in advance of Wekiva Parkway construction projects – Contract No. 001106


    2.   Authorization to Advertise for construction bids for Guide Signing Improvements on S.R. 408, S.R. 417 and S.R. 429 – Project No. 599-729


    3.   Authorization to Advertise for Construction Bids for S.R. 417/Landstar Boulevard Intersection Improvements – Project No. 417-129


    4.   Authorization to Advertise for Construction Bids for S.R. 429/CR 535 South Off Ramp Improvements – Project No. 429-654C


    5.   Authorization to Advertise for Bids for Systemwide Coating/Painting Application – Project No. 599-734


    6.   Approval for Award of Contract to Target Engineering Group, Inc. for Miscellaneous Construction Engineering & Inspection (CEI) Services – Contract No. 001054 (Contract Amount:  Not-to-Exceed $3,500,000)


    7.   Approval of Construction Contract Modifications on the following contracts:

    a)    Contract No. 599-725 Ranger Construction Ind.   ($354,693.94)

    b)    Contract No. 417-301C SEMA Construction $664,207.00


    8.   Approval for Award of Contract to Covalt Group, Inc. for Construction Contractor Compliance Consultant Services for the Wekiva Parkway – Contract No. 001072 (Agreement Amount:  Not-to-Exceed $925,000)



    9.    Approval of Supplemental Agreement No. 5 with HNTB Corporation for Post Design Services on S.R. 429, Wekiva Parkway – Project No. 429-202 (Supplemental Agreement Amount: Not-to-Exceed $725,000)


    10.  Approval of Supplemental Agreement No. 5 with Dewberry Engineers, Inc., d/b/a Dewberry/Bowyer-Singleton for Post Design Services on S.R. 429, Wekiva Parkway – Project No. 429-203 (Supplemental Agreement Amount:  Not-to-Exceed $580,000)


    11.  Approval for Award of Contract to Metric Engineering, Inc. for Project Development and Environmental Study (PD&E) Study on S.R. 408 Eastern Extension – Contract No. 001064 (Contract Amount:  $2,200,000)


    12.  Approval for Award of Contract to TLP Engineering Consultants, Inc. for S.R. 408 Widening from Good Homes Road to Hiawassee Road – Contract No. 001065 (Contract Amount:  $1,550,000)



    13. Approval of Amendment to the Interlocal Agreement for Creation of the Metroplan Planning Organization d/b/a Metroplan Orlando





    14. Approval of Intergovernmental Coordination and Review and Public Transportation Coordination Joint Participation Agreement 


        15.  Authorization to Advertise for E-PASS Customer Service Center Operations and
         Violation Enforcement Operations

  16.  Authorization to Renew Agreement with TransCore, LP for System Hardware Maintenance
         Contract No. 000178 (Agreement Amount:  $6,328,877.35)


        17. Authorization to Renew Agreement with TransCore, LP for System Software Maintenance
        Contract No. 000179 (Agreement Amount:  $1,381,194.36)



        18. Approval of Utility Relocation Agreement with Duke Energy Florida, Inc. for relocation of
        transmission and distribution facilities along S.R. 429-201 and  S.R. 429-202 corridors

        (Agreement Value:  $2,572,054.68


        19. Approval of Settlement with John and Cynthia Miller for the acquisition of Parcel 154 for the
        Wekiva Parkway Project 429-202
(Settlement Amount:  $438,989)


        20. Approval for payment of Business Damages Claim and Expert Costs Claim made by Korus
        Orchid Corporation, the owner of Parcel 120, Wekiva Parkway Project 429-202
(Claim amount: 


        21. Authorization to execute Cooperative Purchase Agreement with GAI Consultants, Inc. for Right
         of Way Support Services
– Contract No. 001100 (Contract Amount:  Not-to-Exceed $300,000)


        22. Authorization to declare Parcel 7 on S.R. 528 as surplus


        23. Approval of Agreement with City of Apopka for Subordination of Right of Way and for
        Maintenance of Traffic at Yothers Road during the development of the Wekiva Parkway, Project


       24. Approval of Fourth Amendment to Contract of Sale and Purchase between Suburban Land
       Reserve, Inc., Farmland Reserve, Inc. and Central Florida Expressway Authority extending
       inspection period to June 1, 2015


       25. Approval of increase in Contract Amount with Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A.
       for acquisition of Wekiva Parkway Parcel Nos. 197, 230, 257 and 267 – Project No. 429-203
      (Contract increase of $150,000 and extension of term to 12/31/15)


 26. Approval of Second Addendum to Agreement for Engineering Expert Witness Consulting
       Services with Donald W. McIntosh Associates, Inc. for Wekiva Parkway Project Numbers 429-            203, 429-204, 429-205 and 429-206 (Addendum amount:  $200,000)