Financial Reports & Statistics

Annual Reports

Find annual reports for the last several years.

Statistical Reports
Statistical Reports

This is a collection of various monthly statistics reports. It includes the Treasurer's Report, Debt Service Ratio (DSR), System Projects, Comparative Cash Flow Report, Cash & Investment Report, Toll Revenue Statistics, etc. Click here for the Expressway Authority's Traffic Data and Statistics ManualClick here for the Expressway Authority's Five Year Work Plan.

Traffic & Earnings Reports
Traffic and Earnings Report

Download the latest Traffic & Earnings Report here.

Expressway Authority Budget

By the beginning of each fiscal year, the Authority adopts a final budget of maintenance, operations and administrative expenses.  The Board may adopt an amended or supplemental annual budget for the remainder of the fiscal year.  This document is the most current budget as approved by the Board.

Finance Policies

Finance Policies
The Authority maintains a number of policies related to the financial management of the agency.  Included here are the InvestmentDebt and Interest Rate Risk Management policies.

Semi-Annual Debt Report
Under the Authority’s Debt Policy, the Board shall receive a report on the status its debt at least twice per year.  The report shall include, at a minimum:
- Amount and percentage of total debt by categories
- Current mark-to-market value of all interest rate exchange agreements
- Historical rate performance for all variable rate bonds
- Any changes in ratings for credit enhancers and swap counterparty.


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