Supplier Diversity


In order to further stimulate the local economy, the Central Florida Expressway Authority assists qualified Disadvantaged, Minority, and Women Business Enterprises (D/M/W/BE) with several opportunities. They can bid as prime contractor, form a joint venture with established non-minority and minority contractor(s) or bid as a subcontractor. It is CFX's policy to encourage equal opportunities for minorities and women businesses. CFX is committed to assisting the business community in sustainability.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

One of the initiatives to assist the small business community is the CFX Small Sustainable Business Enterprise (SSBE) program. As a part of this program, CFX will designate specific projects estimated at up to $5 million for which at least three businesses are available and capable of performing the work. Only firms registered in the SSBE program are eligible to participate.

To qualify for the Sheltered Market Initiative for the SSBE program, firms must be registered with CFX and:

  • be based within Lake, Orange, Osceola or Seminole counties.

  • be independently owned and operated and provide a commercially useful function for one year prior to submittal.

  • employ 50 or fewer employees.

  • have an owner who is a legal resident of Florida.

  • provide all required state/local licenses and certificate of business. Firms participating in the SSBE program must resubmit annually in order to stay active in the program.

  • have annual gross sales not exceed the following (averaged over the previous three years):


$5 Million
Professional Services
$10 Million
$20 Million

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Small Sustainable Business Enterprise Program


CFX D/M/WBE Objective

A D/M/WBE objective for individual bids/RFPs may be higher or lower than 15%. The objective established in a bid/RFP is based on the type of project as well as D/M/WBE’s availability to fulfill the scope of services. CFX recognizes D/M/WBE's certified by the following organizations:


Services The Central Florida Expressway Authority Contracts For:

  • Road & bridge construction
  • Surveying services
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Maintenance
  • Custodial
  • Financial, legal & staffing services
  • Marketing


We Would Like To See You Develop Right Along With Us

CFX offers D/M/WBE's assistance through the Office of Supplier Diversity. We encourage small, disadvantaged, minority and women owned businesses to seek opportunities with CFX by offering their services in the area of highway maintenance.


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