7.0 Forms

The following forms are suggested for use on the Authority Projects.  A CEI can use another form if it serves the same purpose and has prior approval by the Authority.  Additional forms are available on the FDOT website at  


7.1 Logs, Permits and Reports


CG-L02 Outstanding Items List.doc

Sublet Authorization Log Sheet.xls

CG-L06 Request for Information Log.doc

CG-L07 Shop Drawing Log.doc

CG-P04 Request for Authorization to Sublet Work

CG-P05 Request for Authorization to Sublet Work Checklist.doc

Sublet Log (Example)

CG-P06 Surety Form Letter.doc

CG-P07 Notice of Rental Agreement.doc

CG-P08 Certification of Subcontract Amount to DBE Contractor.doc

CG-P09 MWBE Utilization Form.doc

CG-P10 MWBE Utilization Summary.doc

CG-R02 Daily Inspection Report.doc (2 pages)

CG-R07 Engineer's Weekly Summary.doc

CG-R08 Engineer's Monthly Progress Report.doc (2 pages)

CG-S03 Request for Information.xls

700-010-48 Notice of Utility Construction Work.doc

Progress Energy - Self Inspecting Agency Release Form

OUC - Self Inspecting Agency Release Form

Load Center Electrical Service Inspection Form

Roadway Lighting Inspection Checklist


7.2 Pre-Construction


CG-F01 Notice of Beginning & Completion of Construction.doc

CG-P01 Preconstruction Survey-Letter 1.doc (2 pages)

CG-P02 Preconstruction Survey-Letter 2.doc (2 pages, incl. Survey Cross Section Waiver)

CG-P03 Contractor Equal Opportunity Employment Profile.doc

CG-P10 Memorandum of Agreement.doc

CG-P11 Baseline Schedule Acceptance Letter.doc

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan.pdf

650-040-07 Contractor Certification for NPDES Storm Water Permit.pdf


7.3 Contract Modification


CG-M03 Supplemental Agreement Worksheet.doc (2 pages)

CG-M05 Notice of Payment and Preservation of Rights.doc (2 pages)

CG-M06 Work Order For Unforeseen Additional Work.doc

CG-M07 Work Order Summary Sheet.xls

CG-M08 Work Order, Finding of Facts

700-050-58 Daily Record of Force Account Work.pdf

700-050-59 Force Account Work Summary.pdf

Contract Time (Form)

Fuel Adjustment Report (Example)


7.4 Owner Direct Purchase Materials (ODPM)


ODPM Procedures

Supply Bond

Routing Guidelines


Exhibit #1,     Request for Purchase Order

Exhibit #2,     OOCEA Purchase Order

Exhibit #3,     OOCEA Letter to Vendor

Exhibit #3A,   OOCEA Letter to Vendor w/ Supply Bond

Exhibit #4,     Contractor’s Vendor Invoice Affirmation Letter

Exhibit #5,     Vendor Invoice Form

Exhibit #6,     CEI’s Recommendation to Pay Invoice Letter

Exhibit #7,     Stockpiles Materials Worksheet

Exhibit #8,     Contract Bid Items Calculations Spreadsheet

Exhibit #9,     Progress Estimate cover sheet with “Deductions” section

Exhibit #10,   Payment Documentation Log

Exhibit #11,   Vendor Summary Sheet

Exhibit #12,   CEI Closeout Letter to Contractor

Exhibit #13,   CEI Closeout Letter to Vendor

Exhibit # 14,  Tax Exempt Certificate


7.5 QC and General Failure Reports


CG-Q01 Non Compliance Notice.doc

CG-Q02 Non Compliance Notice Log.doc

CG-Q04 Notification of Failing Test Results.doc

675-030-02 Control Charts for Acceptance Tests.pdf (2 pages)

675-050-01 Material Release Notification.pdf

700-020-02 Construction Compliance.pdf


7.6 MOT


CG-T01 Lane Closure Checklist.doc

CG-T03 Off Duty Law Enforcement Officer Letter Form.doc

700-010-08 MOT Review Report.pdf

700-050-50 Off-Duty Officer Site Source Record.doc

Lane Rental Form


7.7 Piling, Girders, Sign Structures


CG-R11 Pile Driving Log.doc (3 pages)

700-020-01 Pile Driving Installation Plan.pdf

700-050-08 Piling Tabulation.pdf (2 pages)

Off-site Inspection of Tub Girders, Overhead Sign Structures

Drilled Shaft Installation Log (2 Pages)


7.8 Earthwork


QC Density Log Book (.pdf)

VT Density Log Book (.pdf)

C-22, Sample Transmittal Card


7.9 Concrete


675-50-02 Control of Concrete.doc

Structural Concrete Verification Log

Bridge Concrete Straightedge Test Report (.doc/,pdf)


7.10 Asphalt


Asphalt Paving Report VT

Friction Course Straightedge Deduction


7.11 Pay Estimate


CG-E01 Certification - DPPPS.doc

CG-E02 DBE Payment Certification.doc

CG-E03 Monthly DBE Status Report.xls

CG-E04 Payment Documentation Log.doc

CG-E05 Payment Request for Stored Materials.doc

CG-E07 Contractor Pay Estimate Summary Sheet.xls

700-010-42 Stockpiled Materials.pdf

700-050-02 Curb & Gutter Computations.pdf

700-050-03 Linear Measure Comp with Components.pdf

700-050-05 Lump Sum Quantities.pdf

700-050-06 Weight Measure or Liquid Volume.pdf (2 pages)

700-050-07 Concrete and Rebar Computations

700-050-09 Linear Measurements, Weight Computations.pdf

700-050-10 Comp. Book Pay Item Summary Sheet.pdf


7.12 Project Closeout


CG-F02 Contractors Final Release.doc

CG-F03 Form 21-A REV 0304.doc (2 pages)

CG-F04 Form 21-B.doc

CG-F05 Disbursement of Previous Payment.doc

CG-F06 Construction Materials Affidavit.doc

CG-F07 Contractors Acceptance of Final Payment.doc

CG-F08 Final Acceptance Letter.doc

CG-F09 Final Offer Letter.doc

CG-R12 Punch List.doc

CG-R15 Release of Contractor's Escrowed Bid Documents.doc

Summary of Overrun/Underruns (SA summary sheet)

Box Inventory Form (Example)


7.13 Micro Contracts


MC-E01 Pay Request, MCP-0XX Example.doc

MC-E02 Monthly Estimate Example.xls

MC-E03 Monthly Pay Estimate MCP, 0XX Example.xls

MC-M01 Change Order Example.doc

MC-M02 Finding of facts example.doc

MC-P01 Agreement for Contract Services.doc

MC-P02 Notice to Proceed.doc

MC-P03 Request for Bids.doc