Project Information

Five Year Work Plans

The Five-Year Work Plan is an important tool used by the Authority to effectively manage its program of system improvements, enhancements and rehabilitation. The purpose of the Work Plan is to identify those projects which the Authority anticipates funding during the next five years. The Work Plan projects are identified and tracked through a control system which involves monitoring at the fund and project level and includes review of budgets, schedules and cash flows. The Work Plan is also used in conjunction with the financial management programs used by the Authority.

The Work Plan is intended to be a “living” document that reflects and prioritizes the needs of the Authority. As such, it can be expected that changes will be made as priorities are re-evaluated, projects are completed and new projects are identified. The Work Plan was developed from the Authority’s 2030 Expressway Master Plan. The development of the Master Plan was a dynamic activity involving coordination and input from a number of sources, including FDOT, local governments within Orange County, Counties adjacent to Orange County, METROPLAN ORLANDO and expressway system customers. Additionally, the Work Plan includes input from the Authority’s engineering, operations and maintenance staff. Available funding for the Work Plan is based on the current toll rate plan. Any toll rate adjustment will affect the Work Plan both by changing the funds available to construct projects and by potentially changing the year need of the projects. The Work Plan may change at each stage of the project development process.