Forms & Files

The following forms are suggested for use on Central Florida Expressway Authority projects. A Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) can, with the approval of CFX, use another form if it serves the same purpose.

CEI Project File Index

Detail File
CEI Project File Index (REV 8/2016) Download

Logs, Permits and Reports

Detail File
Daily Inspection Report (REV 3/2017) Download 
Engineer’s Weekly Summary Download
Outstanding Issues Log Download
Pipe Inspection Log Download
Single Density Log Book (REV 5/2018) Download
Request for Information Log (REV 2/2015) Download
Shop Drawing Submittal Log Download
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Form (REV 3/2017) Download


Detail File
Baseline Schedule Acceptance Letter Download
Certification of Subcontract Amount to DBE M-WBE Contractor Download
CFX Memorandum of Agreement (REV 4/2016) Download
Contractor Equal Opportunity Employment Profile Download
MWBE Utilization Summary (REV 7/2018) Download
MWBE Utilization Form Download
Notice of Beginning and Completion of Construction (REV 5/2018) Download
Notice of Rental Agreement (REV 2/2016) Download
NPDES Permit Certification Download
Preconstruction Survey-Letter 1 Download
Preconstruction Survey-Letter 2 Download
Request for Authorization to Sublet Work Download
Surety Form Letter Download

Contract Modification

Detail File
CFX Supplemental Agreement (REV 10/2018) Download
Daily Record for Force Acct Summary Download
Force Account Work Summary Download
Notice of Payment and Preservation of Rights Download
SA Summary Sheet Download
Work Order For Unforeseen Additional Work (REV 5/2017) Download
Work Order Summary Sheet (REV 5/2016) Download
Finding of Facts (REV 10/2018) Download

Owner Direct Purchase Materials (ODPM)

Detail File
CFX PO Terms ODMP Download
ODMP Procedures in Process Download
ODMP CEI Closeout Letter to Contractor (REV 8/2017) Download
ODMP CEI Closeout Letter to Vendor (Rev 5/2018) Download
ODMP CEI Recommendation to Pay Invoice Letter Download
ODMP CFX Letter to Vendor (No Insurance Certificate) Download
ODMP CFX Purchase Order Request Form (Rev 08/16) (excel table) Download
ODMP CFX Purchase Order Request Form Supply Bond Only (REV 8/2016) Download
ODMP CFX Purchase Order Request Form (REV 8/2016) Download
ODMP Contractor’s Vendor Invoice Affirmation Letter (REV 8/2016) Download
ODMP Letter to Vendor (Supply Bond) (REV 2/2017) Download
ODMP Request for Vendor Purchase Order Download
ODMP Vendor Invoice Log Download
ODMP Vendor Summary Sheet Download
Supply Bond Example Download
ODMP Invoice Pay Item Summary Sheet (REV 10/2016) Download
ODMP Executive Summary Sheet (REV 1/2018) Download
ODMP Closeout Letter to Vendor (Rev 5/2018) Download

QC and General Failure Reports

Detail File
DDM Download
Notice of Failing Test Report Download


Detail File
MOT Report(CFX Electronic) Download
MOT Report(CFX) Download


Detail File
CFX Electrical Service Inspection (REV 5/2016) Download
Duke Energy Self-Inspection Form (REV 5/2016) Download
OUC Self-Inspection Form (REV 5/2016) Download

Piling, Girders, Sign Structures

Detail File
Drilled Shaft Log Download
Pile Driving Log Download


Detail File
Density Book Coreout (Rev 5/16) Download
Stabilized Subgrade Depth Checks (Rev 5/16) Download


Detail File
Bridge Straightedge Test Report Download
Control of Concrete Download
Structural Concrete Verification Log Download
CEI – Concrete Coatings inspection Report (REV 3/2018) This document is not yet available online. 


Detail File
Asphalt Warranty Package (CFX) Download
CFX Bituminous and Polymer Form (REV 10/2017) Download
CFX VT Asphalt Report (REV 7/2018) Download
Friction Course Straightedge Deduction Log (REV 7/2017) Download
CFX Asphalt Cross Slope  (REV 7/2018) Download
Straight Edge Report (REV 7/2018) Download
CFX Value Added Responsible Form (REV 9-2018) Download

Pay Estimate

Detail File
Certification Disbursement of Previous Payment (CFX) (REV 6/2017) Download
Certification of Subcontract Amount to DBE M-WBE Contractor (REV 9/2016) Download
Construction Compliance (CFX) Download
Contractor Pay Estimate Summary Sheet Download
Contractor Pay Estimate Summary Sheet(Federal Funded Projects) Download
DBE Payment Certification (CFX) Download
Payment Documentation Log (with JPA) Download
Payment Documentation Log Download
Payment Request for Stored Materials Download

Project Closeout

Detail File
Asphalt Warranty Package (Final) Download 
Box Inventory Form (REV 5/2018) Download
Closeout Summary for Lesson Learned EXAMPLE Download
Construction – Official – Completed Contracts Master File(Headers with Example) Download
Construction Materials Affidavit Download
Contractors Accepance of Final Payment Download
Contractors Final Release (REV 11/2017) Download
Directions Const Master Data Sheet Download
Disbursement of Previous Payments (REV 6/2017) Download
Final Acceptance Letter (REV 11/2017) Download
Final Offer Letter Download
Form 21-A Download
Form 21-B(Instructions for 21-A) Download
Overruns,Underruns (SA Summary) Download
Punch List Download
Release of Contractor’s Escrowed Bid Documents Download
CFX Value Added Responsible Form (REV 5/2018) Download

Micro Contracts

Detail File
MC-E01 Pay Request, MCP-0XX Example Download
MC-E02 Monthly Estimate Example Download
MC-E03 Monthly Pay Estimate MCP, 0XX Example Download
MC-M01 Change Order Example Download
MC-M02 Finding of facts example Download
MC-P01 Agreement for Contract Services Download
MC-P02 Notice to Proceed Download
MC-P03 Request for Bids Download

Additional Forms (FDOT)


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