Rental Vehicles FAQs

No. You are not required to have a transponder or participate in a rental car company’s toll program. Cash is accepted on all expressways managed by CFX.
It is important to remember that on- and off-ramp toll plazas require exact change in coins. Keep a roll of quarters handy.
PayTollo® (a third party payment provider) provides the convenience of using the express lanes while paying for toll fees with your smart phone. For more information on using PayTollo, click here.

You can pay with cash or with a transponder. Ask your rental car company if it offers E-PASS and what the fees are for the rental car company’s toll program.

If you own an E-PASS Portable, you could move it to the rental car provided that you inform the rental car agency that you’re using it in their vehicle. You also must update your account information with the rental vehicle’s license plate number.

You can pay with cash. If you fail to pay tolls, CFX will invoice the rental car company for unpaid tolls connected to the vehicle’s license plate. The rental car company may pay the toll invoice on your behalf and charge you extra fees based on the rental agreement.

You can pay with cash, or an image of the license plate will be captured on camera and an invoice for the toll will be sent to the rental car company. The rental car company may pay the toll invoice on your behalf and may charge you extra fees for their time and service. Check your rental agreement about fees for unpaid tolls.

For your convenience, the following lists toll programs and the rental car companies associated with them. Please note CFX is not responsible if a company chooses to change programs. Always check your rental agreement about rules and fees for toll programs:

Rent A Toll/ATS Tolling

American Traffic Solutions – PlatePass

American Traffic Solutions – PlatePass All-Inclusive Tolling

Highway Toll Administration – eToll

Highway Toll Administration – Tollpass

Highway Toll Administration – SIXT Rent A Car

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