Your Toll Dollars at Work

CFX toll revenues stay local, reinvested into local projects in the Central Florida region. That translates to an estimated $4 billion in locally planned projects and improvements through 2027. These projects and improvements support the expansion required to accommodate the growing economy and population in Central Florida – helping fund the gap between transportation needs and available resources. Tolls are also used to repay bonds sold to finance initial road construction.

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$4 Billion 5-Year Work Plan

• Funding all operations and projects solely by tolls, no taxes
• Advancing needed expansions in 5-counties to handle future growth
• Renewing existing roadways with resurfacing, widening and improvements
• Investing in future-forward operations, technologies and intermodal partnerships

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Local Job Creation

• Supporting approximately 52,000 jobs
• Creating $1.5 billion in wages and income
• Keeping 98% of jobs in private sector

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Economic Impact

• Realizing a $4 billion five-year work plan
• Stimulating an estimated $4.6 billion in Florida business*
• Contributing an estimated $2.4 billion in gross domestic product*
• Reducing harmful emissions annually by an estimated $20.8 million*

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Innovative Technologies

• Preventing crashes with award-winning wrong way driving prevention technology
• Deploying 3D laser scanning technologies to clear accidents quicker
• Partnering with the Florida Connected Vehicles Initiative for advanced technologies infrastructure
• Hosting 2020 and 2021 Florida Automated Vehicle Summit to advance Florida’s policies and infrastructure for connected vehicles and cybersecurity

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97% Customer Satisfaction

• Providing exclusive automatic volume discounts
• Offering free E-PASS toll stickers to all Florida residents
• Pioneering first continental U.S. drive-up customer service Reload lanes
• Launching new toll products to meet traveling public needs:
– Ūni – One Toll Pass. 19 States.
– GatorPass, KnightPass and NolePass college-branded passes

*Per Feb. 2020 University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research study of the 2020-2024 Five-Year Work Plan.

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