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The Toll Calculator is provided for your convenience. Click here to see the complete schedule of tolls.

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Choose your payment method, axles, the starting point, and the end point of your trip.
Then click on the "calculate toll" button to determine how much your trip will cost:

Please Note:

  • Please refer to the Schedule of Tolls for more information.
  • The toll calculator is provided as a convenience to our users. It does not include usage discounts for E-PASS customers. For more information on the E-PASS program and discounts for frequent users, click here.
  • In situations when your starting highway is different than your ending highway, we assume that you will use roads that are operated by the Expressway Authority. There may be instances where a portion of a road in your calculated route is not operated by the Expressway Authority. There may be some toll charges that have been included for your convenience on those contiguous roads.
  • If you have any questions regarding any of these toll rates, feel free to contact our customer service center.