Governing Board

The Governing Board oversees the Central Florida Expressway Authority’s policies and guides the agency’s direction.

The Governing Board consists of nine members: The chairs of the boards of the county commissions of Seminole, Lake, and Osceola Counties each appoint one member from his or her respective county, who must be a commission member, chair, or the county mayor. The mayor of Orange County appoints a member from the Orange County Commission. The Mayor of Orange County and the mayor of the City of Orlando also serve as members and have permanent seats.

Florida’s governor appoints three citizen members, each of whom must be a resident of either Orange County, Seminole County, Lake County, or Osceola County. The executive director of the Florida Turnpike Enterprise serves as a nonvoting advisor to the Governing Board.

Governing Board members elect a chair to serve a one-year term.

Members appointed by the governor serve for four years, with his or her term ending on December 31 of his or her last year of service. County-appointed members serve for two years. Any member of the Governing Board is eligible for reappointment.

  • Mayor of Orange County
  • Mayor of the City of Orlando
  • Orange County commissioner
  • Osceola County commissioner
  • Seminole County commissioner
  • Lake County commissioner
  • Three members appointed by the Governor
  • Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise Executive Director (Non-voting advisor)

Buddy Dyer
Mayor of Orlando

Fred Hawkins, Jr.
Vice Chairman
Osceola County Representative

Jay Madara
Governor's Appointee

Brenda Carey
Seminole County Representative

Andria Herr
Governor's Appointee

Teresa Jacobs
Orange County Mayor

Sean Parks
Lake County Representative

S. Michael Scheeringa
Governor's Appointee

Jennifer Thompson
Orange County Representative