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The Central Florida Expressway Authority operates a network of expressways, offering motorists easy and unimpeded access to downtown Orlando, suburban and urban communities in Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties, area attractions, employment centers and airports in Sanford and Orlando.

Our world-class expressways feature state-of-the-art electronic toll collection express lanes and toll plazas staffed by friendly and helpful attendants. We’ve also designed our expressways to include landscaping in medians and along roadsides to make for a more scenic driving experience.

Learn more about how toll roads move Central Florida forward.

Traditional Toll Plazas & Modern Express Lanes

CFX operates two types of collection systems: traditional toll plazas and modern express lanes. Toll plazas service cash-paying and electronic-payment customers while express lanes serve only electronic-payment customers. By using express lanes, electronic-payment motorists avoid slowdowns and backups at toll plazas. Motorists using E-PASS, SunPass, LeeWay, PeachPass, E-ZPass or NC Quick Pass transponders are encouraged to use express lanes on CFX roads.

E-PASS Customers

E-PASS is CFX’s electronic toll-collection system. It allows customers to automatically pay tolls at a discount with a free E-PASS Sticker, CollegePass, or Uni (formerly E-PASS Xtra) transponder, without stopping. Each time an E-PASS customer passes through a toll point where E-PASS is accepted, an antenna electronically deducts the toll from the motorist’s E-PASS account. A record of all transactions is included in the customer’s monthly statements and customers can easily manage their E-PASS account online from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Enjoy nonstop travel on all toll roads throughout Florida and up to 18 other states. All E-PASS products work on Florida express lanes, including the new I-4 Express lanes, and for parking at Orlando International Airport and Port Canaveral. Click here to learn more about where your E-PASS product can take you.

Reload Lane

Reload is a drive-up service where motorists can get a FREE E-PASS Sticker and add funds (Reload) to their E-PASS account using cash or credit/debit card. The Reload Lanes are located at the toll plazas below:

The service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Click here to learn more or here to watch the Reload Lane video.

If you just got your new E-PASS at the Reload Lane, please visit ReloadEPASS.com and log in with the account number and payment ID on the receipt the attendant gave you. Enter the requested information – like your email, vehicle information – to complete enrollment to avoid potential fees and get additional E-PASS customer benefits. If you have questions, please call an E-PASS customer service representative at 407-823-7277 or 1-800-353-7277 from Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM or Saturday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

On-and-Off Ramps

Toll plazas at on- and off-ramps have one lane for electronic and Pay By Plate customers and one lane for cash customers. The cash lane requires exact change in coins. Bills are not accepted and receipts are not available.

E-ZPass, SunPass, LeeWay, Peach Pass, NC QuickPass, I-PASS, RiverLink Accepted on CFX Expressways

E-ZPass, SunPass, LeeWay, Peach Pass, NC QuickPass, I-PASS and RiverLink are accepted on the Central Florida Expressway Authority’s 125-mile toll road network and throughout the entire state of Florida.

For customers who travel throughout Florida and in other states along the eastern seaboard, the Central Florida Expressway Authority, in partnership with E-ZPass, released a multi-state toll transponder called Uni (formerly E-PASS Xtra) that works everywhere E-ZPass and E-PASS are accepted. *E-PASS Xtra is no longer available for purchase. All E-PASS Xtra transponders will continue to work throughout 19 states and be fully supported as part of the E-PASS family of products.

Texas TollTag, Kansas K-TAG and Oklahoma PIKEPASS toll passes soon to be accepted on Florida toll roads

On February 27, Texas TollTag, Kansas K-TAG and Oklahoma PIKEPASS toll passes will be accepted in Florida on Florida Turnpike Enterprise and FDOT-owned expressways.

CFX will soon accept toll payments for vehicles using these passes on CFX expressways, effective late 2023.

Cash-Paying Customers

When approaching a toll plaza, be prepared to stop as traffic can back up with vehicles slowing down to pay with cash. If you’re paying with exact change, please have coins ready to deposit in the toll basket. If you’re paying with bills, please have cash out to hand to the toll plaza attendant. Bills larger than $20 are not accepted. If you don’t have any bills under $20, the attendant will issue you an Insufficient Fund Notice, requiring you to submit payment in the form of a check or money order to the Central Florida Expressway Authority, P.O Box 585070, Orlando, FL 32858-5070. Please include the license plate number and state issued on the check.

Roadside Assistance

Road Rangers patrol CFX expressways offering travelers free assistance with minor breakdown repairs. They work seven days a week from 6 AM to 8 PM Dial *FHP (347) and ask for Road Ranger assistance.

My Florida 511

My Florida 511 offers free personalized traffic alerts in English or Spanish from the Florida Department of Transportation. You can:

  • Create a free, personalized services profile to add an unlimited number of custom routes and alerts.
  • Hear travel information along those routes when you dial 511 from a registered cell or landline phone and request “profile”.
  • Receive text or e-mail alerts about incidents and delays along your routes.
  • Set your language preference as English or Spanish.

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