Installing Your Transponder

Welcome to the E-PASS and Uni installation guide. Whether you chose a Sticker or Uni transponder, it’s essential to have only one per vehicle to prevent duplicate charges or other billing issues. Our step-by-step instructions below will help you install your transponder effortlessly, ensuring you’re well-equipped to hit the road with confidence.

  Important Notes Prior to Installation

  • Make sure your transponder has been activated
  • Only one transponder should be installed in your vehicle to avoid duplicate charges
  • If your vehicle has a polarized windshield, please contact E-PASS Customer Support before installing for information on proper placement
  • Certain vehicles may be equipped with metal oxidized windshields which can inhibit your Uni transponder from being read. If your Uni transponder is not consistently being read by E-PASS toll lanes, contact the dealer where you purchased your vehicle to ask for proper transponder placement instructions for your windshield and contact E-PASS Customer Support for further assistance.

Installing Your E-PASS or CollegePass Sticker

  • For best results, clean and dry your windshield before attaching.
  • Affix the adhesive side to your windshield behind or below your car’s rearview mirror as illustrated in the diagram to the left. Make sure the transponder is installed below any tinting at the top of the windshield. The glass on your windshield will act as an antenna to electronically deduct tolls from your E-PASS account when you drive through a toll point.
  • You’re all set!


  • The E-PASS Sticker will only operate when affixed to glass windshields. Please do not remove. Once removed, the E-PASS Sticker will no longer function and cannot be reattached to the windshield.
  • The E-PASS Sticker cannot be moved from car to car and cannot be hand-held.
  • Installation on a motorcycle is prohibited. The Central Florida Expressway Authority will not be held liable for any damages associated with an attempt to install on a motorcycle.

Installing Your Uni, Black Uni or CollegePass Black Uni

  • For best results, clean and dry your windshield before attaching
  • With the Uni logo upright, place your transponder either behind or below your car’s rearview mirror as illustrated in the diagram to the left
  • Press until suction cups hold firmly in place
  • You’re all set!


  • For motorcycles, your Uni can be carried in the saddlebag.
  • If moving your Uni to another vehicle, be sure to update your vehicle information on your E-PASS account.