Concept, Feasibility &

Mobility Studies

A Concept, Feasibility & Mobility Study is performed to determine if a transportation corridor is viable and fundable in accordance with CFX policies and procedures. This type of study typically evaluates and documents the physical, natural, social and cultural environment within the corridor and the potential impacts associated with the various mobility alternatives.

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Transportation demands for the corridor are determined and a range of transportation mobility options and programs are developed to adequately meet the future demands.

If the concept study finds that the corridor is feasible, it could then proceed to a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study to refine and evaluate alternative alignments.

Public involvement is a very important part of the concept study process. Stakeholders have the opportunity to weigh in through various workshops and public meetings scheduled throughout the study process, as well as via email addresses and webpages.

Project Development Process – New Alignment Expansion Projects

CFX Project Development Process: New Alignment Expansion Projects (PDF)

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