Media Kit

The Central Florida Expressway Authority follows Florida’s Sunshine Laws, which call for open government and access to public records. Media inquiries, including interview requests, should be directed to CFX’s Communications Department.

Anyone wishing to film on the CFX system must conform to certain safety regulations and must first contact the CFX Communications Department.

CFX logos, toll shields and photos are available to the media for download. All others seeking to use CFX marks must seek CFX’s authorization by contacting Marketing Manager Angela Melton at

Logos & Toll Shields


SR 408 Into Downtown Orlando

.jpg file (10MB)

SR 408/SR 417 Interchange

.jpg file (8MB)

SR 429 Toll Plaza

.jpg file (8MB)

SR 528 Exit

.jpg file (6MB)

Toll Attendant Hands Out Change

.jpg file (42kb)

SR 408 Bridge

.jpg file (1.4MB)

SR 528 Toll Plaza

.jpg file (2MB)

E-PASS Lanes

.jpg file (2MB)

Wekiva Parkway Toll Gantry

.jpg file (2MB)

Media Inquiries

Brian Hutchings
Senior Communications Specialist
Ph: (407) 690-5343