State Road 534 from State Road 417 near Boggy Creek Road to Narcoossee Road

State Road 534 from State Road 417 near Boggy Creek Road to Narcoossee Road

The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) has begun to design Phase 1 of State Road 534 (SR 534), formerly known as the Osceola Parkway Extension. This project is part of the Osceola County Expressway Authority’s (OCX) Master Plan adopted by CFX in 2016. SR 534 would form the northeastern section of the beltway around Osceola County.

The new limited access expressway will meet the increasing demand for additional east-west routes and support the residents and businesses in Central Florida while preparing for planned growth in southeast Orange and northeast Osceola counties.

For the complete background on the SR 534 – formerly known as the Osceola Parkway Extension – project planning and development history, please visit the Project Development & Environment (PD&E) Study Re-Evaluation Page.

View the SR 534 Project Overview Presentation Here

Phase 1 of the project is divided into five design and construction segments, as shown on the map below:



Segments 1A and 1 – SR 417 from east of Landstar Boulevard to Lake Nona Boulevard and from SR 417 south to Laureate Boulevard

The project will tie into recent SR 417 capacity improvements and includes the addition of a new interchange east of Boggy Creek Road connecting SR 417 and SR 534 and extending SR 534 south to Laureate Boulevard. This project also includes extending Medical City Drive north over SR 417 and adding a full interchange to provide an additional access point to SR 417 from Lake Nona.

Project Type: Design

Anticipated Design Start: Spring 2023

Anticipated Design Completion: Fall 2025

Anticipated Construction Start: Spring 2026


Segments 2A and 2 – Simpson Road Extension & SR 534 from Laureate Boulevard to the east of Jim Branch Creek

The project will extend SR 534 from Laureate Boulevard to east of Jim Branch Creek and includes a half interchange at Laureate Boulevard. In addition, this section incorporates a 1.5-mile extension of Simpson Road from Boggy Creek Road to SR 534 and will feature a full interchange at SR 534.

Project Type: Design

Anticipated Design Start: Spring 2023

Anticipated Design Completion: Spring 2025

Anticipated Construction Start: Late 2025



Segment 3 – East of Jim Branch Creek to Narcoossee Road

The design will extend SR 534 east of Jim Branch Creek to Narcoossee Road. It features 2.2 miles of new lanes in each direction, including access ramps and enhancements to Narcoossee Road and the realignment of Clapp Simms Duda Road.

Project Type: Design

Design Start: January 2023

Anticipated Design Completion:  January 2025

Anticipated Construction Start:  Summer 2025



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