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The Construction Project Administration Manual (CPAM) has been developed to promote uniformity and efficiency on large construction projects. It also provides guidelines to the Resident Engineer and field staff for the administration of construction contracts and defines the various responsibilities of agencies directly involved in the construction process.

  • Construction Project Administration Manual – For the most recent version, contact the Construction Management Consultant:

ITS Training 

The deployment and operation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technology plays an integral role in safely and efficiently operating the CFX regional network of expressways. To that end, CFX has invested in an extensive ITS infrastructure that spans their entire 125 centerline-mile expressway system. As ITS technologies continue to evolve and expand it is critical that adequate training be offered to the people that are responsible for constructing and inspecting these technology based elements.

In order to help meet this objective, CFX routinely includes vendor trainings for ITS devices such as Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, and Traffic Monitoring Stations (TMS) among others as a contract requirement on construction projects. These vendor training classes are project specific and support training for CEI and Contractor staff doing business with CFX. As an additional and supplemental measure, CFX has developed a comprehensive training for additional infrastructure components also vital to the ITS infrastructure; including conduit, conductors, pull boxes and other auxiliary components.

  • This free online training is available to the public and covers CFX’s requirements for all of these basic ITS infrastructure components in the order in which they would be installed on a construction project.
  • This training is intended to familiarize the user with CFX’s ITS construction requirements. The material is presented to trainees in a logical fashion which closely reflects the sequence the components would be installed on a construction project with the aim of providing trainees with a good foundation for successfully designing, constructing, inspecting, or maintaining ITS components on CFX’s system.
  • This is an entry-level training intended for Design, CEI, Contractor, and Maintenance staff that will be involved in engineering, construction, or maintenance of ITS components on CFX’s system.


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