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Pavement recycling on SR 408.

When most people think of building roads, going green doesn’t come to mind; yet, when the Expressway Authority started the widening and renovation of SR 408 that was one of their first assignments.

One of the main tasks of this $600 million program was removing the original concrete road and replacing it with asphalt pavement. Traditionally, the removed concrete would be transported by numerous large dump trucks and disposed of in area landfills as waste while additional trucks would then haul lime rock (the material used to construct road bases) back to the construction site. Rather than dispose of the material and bring in more lime rock, we set out to recycle the material and incorporate it into the new roadway construction.

We removed the material, transported it to a nearby processing facility and crushed the concrete to meet project standards. We then returned the processed material to the roadway as the base for the new road.

To date, nearly 100,000 tons of concrete have been recycled on this project. This eliminated the need to haul all the old material to a land fill as well as bring in the same amount of new lime rock. By doing this, it takes 7,200 truckloads of material off the roadway, which results in significant savings in transportation and materials costs, landfill space and decreasing the carbon emissions that would have been produced by the large dump trucks. We are proud of this very successful operation.

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