E-PASS General Info

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What is E-PASS?

E-PASS is a pre-paid account. When you sign up, you will receive a small electronic sticker transponder that attaches to the windshield inside your car. Within the transponder is an electronic chip that contains information about your account. Each time you pass through a toll facility where E-PASS is accepted, an antenna at the toll plaza reads the vehicle and account information contained in your transponder. The appropriate toll is then electronically debited from your pre-paid account. A record of your transactions are included in your monthly statements.

What are the benefits of becoming an E-PASS customer?

  • E-PASS customers pay less on most tolls than those paying with cash.
  • Monthly discounts per transponder (see chart below).
  • Account holders also save when they drive on other toll roads in Florida, saving approximately 23% or more at most toll plazas.***
  • E-PASS saves time enabling motorists to drive at posted highway speeds rather than stopping at the toll plazas.
  • Account holders can use their transponders to pay for parking at Orlando International Airport.


Calculated based on roads owned and operated by CFX.

What does it cost to open an E-PASS account?

A minimum of $10 in pre-paid tolls are required to open a new account. If you ever need to close the account, any money left in the account is fully refundable. Residents of Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Volusia, Polk and Brevard Counties can get a free E-PASS Mini transponder when opening an E-PASS account.

How and where can I obtain an E-PASS transponder?

Getting an E-PASS transponder is easy.  Apply online by clicking here, call us at 407-823-7277 or visit either one of our E-PASS Service Centers:

Westside Service Center
8919 West Colonial Drive, Ocoee, FL 34761
(Located in the Good Homes Shopping Center)
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Monday through Friday)
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Saturdays)

Eastside Service Center
762 South Goldenrod Road, Orlando, FL, 32822
(Located in the Pinar Plaza)
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Monday through Friday)
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Saturdays)

Can I use E-PASS on other toll roads in Florida?

Yes, E-PASS can be used on almost all toll roads and bridges throughout the State of Florida and in North Carolina. Just look for the E-PASS, SunPass or LeeWay logo as you enter the highway or tolling zone.

Do I have to install my transponder on my windshield or can I keep it in the car with me?

Your transponder must be properly installed on your front windshield behind the rear view mirror. Using your E-PASS in any other manner is a direct violation of the user agreement. A transponder that is not mounted properly will not work consistently. If your transponder is not properly installed, you risk the potential of repeatedly failing to pay a toll that could lead to your vehicle having a registration hold placed on it or having Uniform Traffic Citation issued to you.

If I change vehicles and need to move my E-PASS from one vehicle to another what do I need to do?

Contact the E-PASS Service Center and provide them with updated vehicle information. The E-PASS Mini transponder is not portable and cannot be transferred to another vehicle. You will need to request a new Mini sticker transponder.

Can I use E-PASS while driving a motorcycle?

Yes, CFX has special transponders for motorcycle riders. Visit your local E-PASS service center or call us at 407-823-7277 to purchase one for $25. If you already have a plastic transponder, you can put it inside of a saddle bag while driving.

Note: The Mini sticker requires specific windshield types and will not work on a motorcycle.

Are there any lane or speed restrictions when using E-PASS?

Motorists with E-PASS transponders can use any lane on the expressway system. However, there are some restrictions on the maximum speed depending on the type of lane as listed below:

E-PASS Express Lanes – These lanes do not have any barriers or toll booths across the road. Motorists with E-PASS transponders can travel through these lanes at the posted highway speed.

E-PASS Dedicated Lanes – These lanes resemble a traditional toll lane, however they are equipped with electronic devices exclusively for motorists with E-PASS transponders. The speed limit through these lanes is 35 miles per hour.

Coin Machine & Cash Lanes – These are traditional toll lanes for motorists that pay tolls with cash or coins.  Motorists with E-PASS transponders may use these lanes; however, use extreme care and expect to experience stop and go traffic. The speed limit in these lanes is 25 miles per hour. 

What should I do if the red light does not change to green when I enter the toll lane?

If you are in an E-PASS Only lane, do not stop. Notify the E-PASS Service Center as soon as possible. In the meantime, utilize 'Change/Receipt' lanes or 'Coin Lanes' and pay your toll in cash until the problem can be resolved.

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