April 11, 2024
9:00 a.m.

Meeting location: Central Florida Expressway Authority
4974 ORL Tower Road Orlando, FL 32807


Pursuant to Section 286.0114, Florida Statutes and CFX Rule 1-1.011, the Board provides for an opportunity for public comment at the beginning of each regular meeting. The Public may address the Board on any matter of public interest under the Board’s authority and jurisdiction, regardless of whether the matter is on the Board’s agenda but excluding pending procurement issues. Public Comment speakers that are present and have submitted their completed Public Comment form to the Recording Secretary at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the meeting will be called to speak. Each speaker shall be limited to 3 minutes. Any member of the public may also submit written comments which, if received during regular business hours at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting, will be included as part of the record and distributed to the Board members in advance of the meeting.




1. Chairman’s Report
2. Treasurer’s Report
3. Executive Director’s Report


1. CFX AND FLORIDA HIGHWAY PATROL DESK TROOPER PILOT PROGRAM – Bryan Homayouni, Director of ITS and Lt. Colonel Mark Brown, Deputy Director of Support Operations, Florida Highway Patrol (action item)

2. SR 417 SANFORD AIRPORT CONNECTOR PROJECT DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENT (PD&E) STUDY – Will Hawthorne, Director of Transportation Planning & Policy (action item)




This meeting is open to the public.

Section 286.0105, Florida Statutes states that if a person decides to appeal any decision made by a board, agency, or commission with respect to any matter considered at a meeting or hearing, they will need a record of the proceedings, and that, for such purpose, they may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.

Persons who require translation services, which are provided at no cost, should contact CFX at (407) 690-5000 x5316 or by email at at least three (3) business days prior to the event.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if any person with a disability as defined by the ADA needs special accommodations to participate in this proceeding, then they should contact the Central Florida Expressway Authority at (407) 690-5000 no later than two (2) business days prior to the proceeding.

April 11, 2024


1. Approval of Construction Contract Modifications on the following projects:
Project 417-149 Sacyr Construccion, SA, Inc. $ 459,198.57
Project 417-150 Sacyr Construccion, SA, Inc. $ 374,592.54
Project 417-151 Ranger Construction Industries, Inc. $ 23,375.26
Project 429-154 The Middlesex Corporation $ 168,869.42
Project 599-416A/B Cathcart Construction Company-Florida, LLC ($ 38,262.15)

2. Approval of Payment to Sacyr Construccion, SA, Inc. and Dura-Stress, Inc. for Material Price Index Adjustments for SR 417 Widening from Narcoossee Road to SR 528, Project No. 417-150 (Agreement Values: $162,529.00 and $581.58)

3. Approval of First Contract Renewal with WSP USA Environment & Infrastructure, Inc. for Materials Inspection, Sampling and Testing Services, Contract No. 001800 (Agreement Value: $0)

4. Approval of Second Contract Renewal with John Brown & Sons, Inc. for Miscellaneous Clearing and Grubbing Work, Contract No. 001897 (Agreement Value: $0)

5. Approval of Contract Award to Southland Construction, Inc. for SR 528 Turkey Creek Tropical Storm Ian Erosion, Project No. 528-181, Contract No. 002095 (Agreement Value: $2,626,262.62)


6. Approval of Supplemental Agreement No.5 with Scalar Consulting Group, Inc. for Design Consultant Services for SR 528 Widening from Goldenrod Road to Narcoossee Road, Project No. 528-168, Contract No. 001742 (Agreement Value: not-to-exceed $64,339.06)

7. Approval of Contract Award to Transystems Corporation d/b/a Transystems Corporation Consultants for Design Consultant Services for SR 528 Dallas Boulevard Interchange, Project No. 528-307, Contract No. 002047 (Agreement Value: not-to-exceed $5,000,000.00)

8. Approval of Agreement with Atlantic Ecological Services for Gopher Tortoise Relocation for SR 516 (Agreement Value: not-to-exceed $810,000.00)


9. Approval of Revised Contract Awarded to AVAAP U.S.A. LLC for Workday Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation Services, Contract No. 002057 (Agreement Value: not-to-exceed $3,228,249.40, unchanged)

10. Approval of Contract Award to Nabors, Giblin & Nickerson, P.A. for Disclosure Counsel Services, Contract No. 002094 (Agreement Value: $591,000.00)


11. Acceptance of Internal Audit Reports:
a. Fiscal 2024 Procurement and Contract Billing Audit
b. Fiscal 2024 State Toll Discount Program Compliance Review
c. Fiscal 2024 Payment Card Industry Assessment Summary
d. Fiscal 2024 Driver and Vehicle Information Database Data Security Assessment


12. Approval of Roadway Use Agreement (Central Florida Expressway Authority-Schofield Road) between the
Central Florida Expressway Authority and Orange County, Florida, Project Nos.: 516-236, 516-237 and 516-
238 Lake/Orange Expressway


13. Approval of Supplemental Agreement No. 3 with Louis Berger Hawthorne Services, Inc. for Roadway and Bridge Maintenance Services – SR 429, SR 414, SR 451 and SR 453, Contract No. 001821 (Agreement Value: not-to-exceed $509,000.00)

14. Approval of Span Systems, Inc. as a Subcontractor to Louis Berger Hawthorne Services, Inc. for Systemwide Facilities Maintenance Services, Contract No. 001910

15. Approval of Contract Award to Aero Groundtek, LLC for Landscape Maintenance Services for SR 408, SR 417, CFX’s Headquarters and Magnolia Service Center, Contract No. 002089 (Agreement Value: $6,696,557.87)

16. Approval of Contract Award to Rockhopper Services, Inc. for Systemwide Aquatic Vegetation Control Services, Contract No. 002093 (Agreement Value: $419,100.00)


17. Approval of Partnership Agreement Between CFX and WFTV for FY 2024/25 Safety Campaign, Contract No. 002103 (Agreement Value: not-to-exceed $183,450.00)


18. Approval of Purchase Order to Dasher Technologies for VMWARE Licenses (Agreement Value: not-to-exceed $99,291.52)

19. Approval of Purchase Order to PC Solutions & Integrations, Inc. for Extreme Network Switches Annual Support and Maintenance (Agreement Value: not-to-exceed $116,309.58)


20. Approval of Purchase Order to SHI International Corp. for Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions and Services (Agreement Value: $780,000.00)


21. Approval of Fourth Contract Renewal with AECOM Technical Services, Inc. for General Systems Consultant Services, Contract No. 001215 (Agreement Value: $2,250,000.00)

22. Approval of Supplemental Agreement No. 1 with Kapsch TrafficCom USA, Inc. for Maintenance of ITS Infrastructure, Contract No. 001689 (Agreement Value: not-to-exceed $621,774.00)

23. Approval of Supplemental Agreement No. 2 with DRMP, Inc. for Design Consultant Services for Wrong Way Driving Countermeasures – Phase D, Project No. 599-526D, Contract No. 001972 (Agreement Value: not-to-exceed $102,291.36)

24. Approval of Contract Award to D3Energy, LLC for Three Mainline Photovoltaic Deployment Design/Build Services, Project No. 599-407, Contract No. 002063 (Agreement Value: $2,470,230.00)

25. Approval of Purchase Order with Carbyne, Inc. and a Three Party Agreement between Carbyne, Inc., Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) and CFX for Software Licensing for Florida Highway Patrol Desk Trooper Program,
Project No. 599-573 (Agreement Value: $895,524.00)

The following items are for information only:
A. The following is a list of advertisement(s) from: March17, 2024 through April 7, 2024
1. 534-240: SR 534/SR 417 Ramp Realignment – Segment 1A – Design
2. 599-526D: Wrong Way Driving Countermeasures – Phase D – Construction

The following items are for information only and are subject to change:
B. The following is a list of anticipated advertisements (3-4 month look ahead)
1. 408-174: SR 408 Widening Kirkman Road to Church Street – Design
2. 408-428: CFX HQ Building Lighting Retrofitting
3. 414-781: SR 414 Concrete Coatings
4. 417-833: SR 417 Widening Landscape Installation, Econlockhatchee Trail to Seminole County Line
5. 528-168: SR 528 Widening from Goldenrod to Narcoossee – CEI Services
6. 528-769: SR 528 Miscellaneous Resurfacings – Construction
7. 528-778: SR 528 Bridge Improvements – Construction
8. 599-426: Systemwide Generator Replacements – Construction
9. 599-524: Layer 2 Switch Equipment
10. 599-561: Data Collection Sensor Equipment
11. 599-669: Systemwide AET Ramp Signing & Paving Markings – Construction
12. 599-765: Systemwide Plaza Building Repairs and Roof Replacements – Construction
13. 599-770: SR 417 & SR 408 Concrete Coatings – Construction
14. 599-773: Systemwide Steel Bridge Coatings – Construction

15. 599-774: Systemwide Butterfly Truss Coatings
16. 800-904: Goldenrod Road (SR 551) Resurfacing – Construction
17. Construction Management Consultant
18. Landscape Maintenance Services: SR 414, SR 429, SR 451, SR 453 and SR 528
19. Mowing and Landscape Maintenance Services for Poinciana Parkway
20. Pressure Washing of Bridges SR 414, SR 429, SR 451 & SR 453
21. Systemwide Landscape Design Services


April Board Meeting

Thursday, April 11, 2024 at 9:00 a.m.

Meeting Location:
CFX Board Room, 4974 ORL Tower Rd, Orlando, FL 32807
4974 ORL Tower Rd
Orlando , FL 32807
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