Financial Statements

A Financial Statement offers an overview and auditor’s report of CFX’s financial activities. It includes discussion and analysis that provide insight into significant financial matters as well as CFX’s overall financial position.

Financial Statement Resources

Date Document Title File Format
November 11, 2014 Financial Statements & Supplementary Information For Years Ended June 30, 2014 and 2013 PDF

Central Florida Expressway Authority

4974 ORL Tower Road
Orlando, FL 32807

Phone: 407-690-5000
Fax: 407-690-5011

Toll Operations and
E-PASS Contact Information

E-PASS Service Center
P.O. Box 720218
Orlando, FL 32872
Phone: 407-823-7277
Fax: 407-690-5021

Public Records Requests

Document Control Specialist
Phone: (407) 690-5000

Media Inquiries

Brian Hutchings
Senior Communications Specialist
Phone: (407) 690-5343

Board Member Contact Information

Expressway Authority Board
Phone: (407) 690-5000
Board Member Information

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