Wekiva Parkway

Wekiva Parkway Design

Thank you for your interest in the Expressway Authority’s design and construction projects for the Wekiva Parkway. The Wekiva Parkway is being developed in sections. Design of the initial sections is underway.

The Wekiva Parkway will feature all electronic tolling for the greatest customer convenience and to maximize traffic flow.

To learn more about the Expressway Authority’s Wekiva Parkway (SR 429) design projects, click on the project link below:

Click here for information on the Expressway Authority's Right-Of-Way Acquisition Process

Click here to download the Wekiva Parkway Traffic and Revenue Study (6 MB)

Click here for the Section 1 Noise Study Update (June 2014)

Click here to see the Wekiva Parkway Noise Study Report (June 2010)

The Authority’s sections of the project can be seen with the purple tags in the map below (click on the map for a larger view).

For additional information, contact:
Mary Brooks
Public Information Officer
Phone: 407-694-5505
Email: Info@wekivaparkway.com