Board Meeting
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December 13, 2018 @ 9:00 am

Meeting Location:
CFX Board Room, 4974 ORL Tower Rd, Orlando, FL 32807
CFX Board Room, 4974 ORL Tower Rd
Orlando, FL 32807
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Central Florida Expressway Authority
Board Meeting

  1. Call To Order/Pledge Of Allegiance
  2. Public Comment

    Pursuant to Rule 1-1.011, the governing Board for CFX has set aside at least 15 minutes at the beginning of each regular meeting for citizens to speak to the Board on any matter of public interest under the Board’s authority and jurisdiction, regardless of whether the public interest is on the Board’s agenda but excluding pending procurement issues. Each speaker shall be limited to 3 minutes.

  3. Action Item – Approval Of November 8, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes
  4. Action Item – Approval Of Consent Agenda
  5. Reports
    1. Chairman’s Report
    2. Treasurer’s Report
    3. Executive Director’s Report
  6. Regular Agenda Items
    1. Action Item – Amended And Restated Lease-Purchase Agreement With Osceola County – Laura Kelley, Executive Director
    2. Information Item – Brightline Update – Patrick Goddard, President, Brightline Trains, LLC
  7. Board Member Comment
  8. Adjournment

This meeting is open to the public.

Section 286.0105, Florida Statutes states that if a person decides to appeal any decision made by a board, agency, or commission with respect to any matter considered at a meeting or hearing, he or she will need a record of the proceedings, and that, for such purpose, he or she may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if any person with a disability as defined by the ADA needs special accommodation to participate in this proceeding, then not later than two (2) business days prior to the proceeding, he or she should contact the Central Florida Expressway Authority at 407-690-5000.

Persons who require translation services, which are provided at no cost, should contact CFX at (407) 690-5000 x5317 or by email at at least three business days prior to the event.

Consent Agenda

December 13, 2018

    Administrative Services

  1. Approval of Second Contract Renewal with The Rubin Group for Advocacy Services, Contract No. 001382 (Agreement Value: $90,000.00)
  2. Authorization to Execute Cooperative Purchase Agreement with First Capital Property Group, Inc. for Real Estate Appraisal Services, Contract No. 001491
  3. Construction

  4. Approval of Construction Contract Modifications on the following projects:
    1. Project 429-418 SEMA Construction, Inc. $ 21,375.54
    2. Project 408-128 The Lane Construction Corp. $ 416,757.40
    3. Project 599-126 SEMA Construction, Inc. $ 70,498.47
    4. Project 408-628 ION Electric $ 38,048.69
    5. Project 253G SEMA Construction, Inc. $ 164,134.80
    6. Project 408-127 The Lane Construction Corp. ($ 95,845.80)
    7. Project 417-134 Hubbard Construction Co. $ 66,495.00
    8. Project 599-413 Rieker Duley Construction Co. $ 39,918.05
    9. Project 599-630 Traffic Control Devices $ 173,177.00
    10. Project 528-131 SEMA Construction, Inc. $ 21,500.00
  5. Engineering

  6. Approval of Edwin R. Barfield, LLC as a Subconsultant for the General Engineering Consultant Services Contract with Dewberry Engineers, Inc., Contract No. 001145
  7. Approval of The Balmoral Group, LLC as Subconsultant for the Miscellaneous Design Consultant Contract with Protean Design Group, Inc., Contract No. 001208
  8. Approval of Supplemental Agreement No. 2A with Dewberry Engineers, Inc. for Additional Post Design Services for State Road 417 Widening from Econlockhatchee Trail to Seminole County Line, Project 417-134, Contract No. 001153 (Agreement Value: $97,347.07)
  9. Approval for the Executive Director to Execute the Department Funded Agreement Between Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise and the Central Florida Expressway Authority for Improvements to the Central Florida Greene Way (State Road 417) from Aloma Avenue to University Boulevard, Contract No. 001492 (Agreement Value: $97,347.07)
  10. Approval of Final Ranking and Authorization for Fee Negotiations for Design Consultant Services for State Road 429 Widening from West Road to State Road 414, Project 429-153, Contract No. 001396
  11. Approval of Contract Award to Atkins North America, Inc. for Design Consultant Services for the State Road 417 Widening from Narcoossee Road to State Road 528, Project 417-150, Contract No. 001393 (Agreement Value: not-to-exceed $6,400,000.00)
  12. Approval of Contract Award to Atlantic Civil Constructors Corporation for State Road 429 Kelley Park Road Turn Lane and Plant Street Interchange Ramps Resurfacing, Project 429-753, Contract No. 001471 (Agreement Value: $954,213.96)
  13. Legal

  14. Approval of Transfer, Assignment and Assumption Agreement Between Osceola County and the Central Florida Expressway Authority
  15. Maintenance

  16. Approval of Supplemental Agreement No. 1 with AutoBase, Inc. for Road Ranger Safety Service Patrol, Contract No. 001437 (Agreement Value: $950,000.00)
  17. Approval of Contract Award to Arazoza Brothers Corp. for State Road 429 Wekiva Parkway Landscape Improvements, Project 492-826, Contract No. 001451 (Agreement Value: $1,931,350.00)
  18. Toll Operations/Technology

  19. Ratification of Purchase Order to TransCore, LP for E-PASS Xtra Dual Protocol Transponders (Agreement Value: $189,400.00)
  20. Approval of Vinali LLC dba Vinali Staffing as Subconsultant for the E-PASS and VES Enforcement Operations Contract with Egis Projects, Inc., Contract No. 001105
  21. Approval of Supplemental Agreement No. 7 with Egis Projects, Inc. for the Visitor Toll Pass Project at the Orlando International Airport, Contract No. 001105 (Agreement Value: $1,429,401.90)
  22. Approval of Contract Award to Vanassee Hangen Brustlin, Inc. for Design Consultant Services for Three-Line Dynamic Message Signs Replacement Project, Project 599-545, Contract No. 001419 (Agreement Value: not-to-exceed $650,000.00)
  23. Approval of Contract Award to Precision Contracting Services, Inc. for Maintenance of Fiber Optic Network Infrastructure, Contract No. 001423 (Agreement Value: $729,050.00)
  24. Approval of Contract Award to United Signs & Signals, Inc. for Wekiva Parkway Closed-Circuit Television Camera Deployment, Project 599-547, Contract No. 001463 (Agreement Value: $1,118,178.09)
  25. Approval of Purchase Order to Intelligent Transportation Services, Inc. for High Definition Closed-Circuit Television Cameras, Project 599-528 (Agreement Value: $107,820.00)

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