2040 Master Plan

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CFX’s 2040 Master Plan sets the policy for future operations and capital investment decisions, and also serves as the basis for the agency’s Five-Year Work Plan. The 2040 Master Plan is the first regional plan adopted by the CFX Governing Board.

The Master Plan process involves two phases. The first phase includes gathering feedback from the community. CFX staff members meet with local cities, counties, chambers of commerce and civic groups to understand their transportation needs and better define what role CFX can play in achieving their objectives over the next 25 years.

The second phase includes identification and evaluation of the following elements recommended by staff and approved by the Board:

  • Existing system improvements: Capacity, traffic operations and system renewal needs
  • Revenue and tolling options: Toll rate policy, collection technology and operations
  • Potential expansion projects: New expressway routes and interchanges
  • Multimodal transportation: Rapid transit, trams or fixed guide ways within the right of way of an expressway

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