Concept, Feasibility &
Mobility Studies:

Osceola/Brevard County Connectors

About the Osceola/Brevard County Connectors Concept, Feasibility, and Mobility (CF&M) Study

In March 2020, CFX began a Concept, Feasibility, & Mobility (CF&M) Study of the Osceola/Brevard County Connectors transportation corridors. The study was to develop and evaluate transportation alternatives from Osceola County to I-95 in Brevard County.

Following many discussions with the study team and stakeholders, CFX decided to pause the study. Because of the lengthy timeline for this potential project, it was quite challenging to conduct a travel demand forecast that would adequately provide an appropriate view of the future transportation needs in the study area. Additionally, a consensus among the primary stakeholders on alternatives was not reached.

CFX will end the current work and will post results of the effort completed to date as an “interim report”. The study may be resumed in the future, but there is currently no specific plan for when that would take place.

About Public Involvement

Public involvement and interagency coordination will be an integral part of the assessment process, and opportunities for public participation will be provided. CFX anticipates holding public meetings in both Osceola and Brevard counties as part of this study.

This study is a Concept, Feasibility, and Mobility study which does not yet contemplate right-of-way acquisition. However, property owners near a proposed transportation project often want to know an agency’s process for buying needed private property. Click here for the Central Florida Expressway Authority’s policy on right-of-way acquisition.

Additional Osceola/Brevard County Connectors Information

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