Osceola Parkway Extension
PD&E Re-evaluation Study:

Quick Facts

The 9-mile Osceola Parkway Extension (OPE) has long been planned to meet the transportation needs of southeast Orange and northeast Osceola counties, among the fastest growing areas in the country. View map image opens in a new window.

CFX’s Board unanimously approved the Preferred Alternative for the Osceola Parkway Extension PD&E Study Re-evaluation at its December 12, 2019 meeting.

This concluded the CFX Board’s action on the Osceola Parkway Extension PD&E Study Re-evaluation.

Following approval of the OPE Preferred Alternative at the December 12 board meeting, the CFX Board approved an agreement for a donation of 1,550 acres of land from Suburban Land Reserve and Tavistock.

This land, situated adjacent to conservation lands including Split Oak Forest, would be designated conservation land and would be owned by a state or local entity, such as Osceola and Orange counties (not CFX).

Portions of the donated land would require restoration and long-term maintenance, as was the case with the nearly 1,700 acres of the Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area (Split Oak Forest), which was created by Orange and Osceola counties in the 1990’s.

Portions of Split Oak Forest required extensive restoration and maintenance having once been clear cut to accommodate logging and agricultural operations.

CFX has committed to identifying funding for similar restoration and maintenance of the donated 1,550 acre conservation land.

Orange and Osceola counties, as owners of Split Oak Forest, are preparing an application to Florida Communities Trust for a roadway easement of approximately 60 acres within the Osceola County portion of Split Oak Forest.

An easement allows a property owner to give permission to someone to use a portion of their property for a specific purpose. Under state law, such an easement is permitted on conservation land as identified in Florida Statutes Section 704.06 opens in a new window and Florida Administrative Code 62-818.016 opens in a new window.

Orange and Osceola counties would continue to retain ownership of Split Oak Forest, including the areas in which the roadway would traverse the property.

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