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See if you’ve got what it takes to chill out your commute.

The chiller the better!

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How to CARma Your Commute

You can’t get rid of rush hour. But you can stay calm so you can arrive happy. Here are a few tips:

Start Your Day the Night Before

Start Your Day at Night

Prep your breakfast, set out your clothes, pack your backpack or briefcase. Getting organized at night helps avoid morning stress — and the bad driving that goes with it.

De-Clutter and De-Stress

De-Clutter and De-Stress

A messy car messes with your mood. Toss the trash and tidy up the clutter. Then choose a chill playlist and maybe even an air freshener with a soothing scent.

GPS the Traffic

GPS the Traffic

You can’t control traffic. But you can stay on top of changing conditions. Check your route before setting out, and then leave your GPS running so it can reroute you if needed.

Make Your Car a Drama-Free Zone

Create a Drama-Free Zone

Stop strong emotions before they make you go all Jekyll and Hyde.

  1. Squeeze the steering wheel with both hands. Slowly raise one finger at a time.
  2. Shrug your shoulders up to your ears, then back down. (You may need to do this twice).
  3. Take a deep breath, then sigh it out. NOW you’re ready to drive.
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It’s Time for a Talk with Yourself

Research shows anger leads to aggressive driving, and anxiety makes us too quick to hit the brakes. That’s why good driving starts with how we think. The trick to calming your commute begins with calming your thoughts, so they (and the emotions they spark) don’t dictate what you do. Try practicing with the scenarios below.

The car in front of you suddenly cuts you off.


The guy behind you is riding your bumper.

Instead of this:

What a jerk!

Try thinking this:

I wonder why he’s in such a hurry? Maybe something’s wrong and he needs to get there fast.

Instead of this:

I’ll teach her!

Try thinking this:

She’s going to get into an accident sooner or later. I’ll get out of her way so it doesn’t involve me.

Instead of this:

People are so rude!

Try thinking this:

He must be having a bad day. I’m not going to let that ruin mine.

Instead of this:

No one can treat me like that!

Try thinking this:

Wow, that is lousy driving. Good thing I’m in control of my emotions. I’m not going to react.

Instead of this:

Nobody knows how to drive these days!

Try thinking this:

When you think about it, it’s amazing that most people on the road follow the rules so everyone arrives alive. I’m going to find a way to pay some courtesy forward so I end this commute in a good mood.

Other helpful tips

Merge Like A Master

Think you can count to 3?

Test your skills

Let’s go!
Merge Like A Master

Merge Like A Master

Hint: Turn signals exist for a reason

Let’s go!
Smart Drivers. Safe Workers.

Work Zone Safety

Smart Drivers. Safe Workers.

Let’s go!
cars colliding in an accident

Can you pass the crash test?

What to do if you get in a wreck on the highway.

Driving smart helps keep you safe every day. But smart drivers also are ready for the worst. Here are the top 5 things to do when one bumper meets another.

  1. Dial 911 or *FHP. Tell the dispatcher if someone is hurt and needs an ambulance.
  2. Turn on your hazard flashers. Help other drivers see you so one wreck doesn't become two.
  3. Get out of the travel lane. Pull off the road. If you crash near a work zone, you may have to drive up the road a bit to a safer location.
  4. Get away from the road. If you have to get out of your car, keep as far away from traffic as possible.
  5. Document the wreck. Snap a picture of the crash. And exchange information with the other driver (name, address, phone, license plate, driver's license).

Want to really know your stuff?
Check out the Official Handbook for Florida drivers.

Official Handbook - pdf opens in a new window
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