Smart Drivers. Safe Workers.

Everyone plays a role in work zone safety.

Know your part to ensure we all get home safely.

When you approach a work zone, you:

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Speed up and merge early.
Gotta keep it moving!

Keep my cool and take turns merging.
Go with the flow.

Our workers thank you!

With lots of construction happening on our roadways right now, smart driving is more essential than ever. Thanks for being chill!

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We know it’s tempting, but speed is one of the major causes of work zone accidents. When you see a work zone, ease off the gas to keep road crews – and you – safe from crashes.

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4 Ways to Own the Work Zone

With even more construction happening on our roads, here’s how to drive smart when you enter a work zone:

Slow and Steady

1. Slow and steady.

Speed limits in a work zone are lower for a reason. Easing off the gas helps you stay in control.

People Watch

2. People watch.

Remember you’re in a car and road workers are not. Keep an eye out for humans.

Slide to the left or right

3. Slide to the left (or right).

When emergency, law enforcement, or utility vehicles are stopped on the road, give them space to stay safe. Move on over or slow down.

Go with the flow

4. Go with the flow.

The only thing we can control is how we act and react. Keep your cool and enjoy the ride — we’re all in this together.


The MOVE OVER law:

Whether its law enforcement or emergency personnel assisting other drivers, move over to give them space to work. It's Florida law and the right thing to do.

Other helpful tips


Think you can count to 3?

Test your skills

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Merge like a master

Merge Like A Master

Hint: Turn signals exist for a reason

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Get Your CARma On

Get Your CARma On

Tips for a calm commute

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cars colliding in an accident

Can you pass the crash test?

What to do if you get in a wreck on the highway.

Driving smart helps keep you safe every day. But smart drivers also are ready for the worst. Here are the top 5 things to do when one bumper meets another.

  1. Dial 911 or *FHP. Tell the dispatcher if someone is hurt and needs an ambulance.
  2. Turn on your hazard flashers. Help other drivers see you so one wreck doesn't become two.
  3. Get out of the travel lane. Pull off the road. If you crash near a work zone, you may have to drive up the road a bit to a safer location.
  4. Get away from the road. If you have to get out of your car, keep as far away from traffic as possible.
  5. Document the wreck. Snap a picture of the crash. And exchange information with the other driver (name, address, phone, license plate, driver's license).

Want to really know your stuff?
Check out the Official Handbook for Florida drivers.

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