Toll Rates FAQs

E-PASS customers pay an average of 14 cents per mile while cash customers pay an average of 16 cents per mile.

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Yes, there are planned toll increases. The CFX Governing Board authorizes toll increases.

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Yes. Tolls collected are reinvested locally, funding the maintenance, operations, and construction of our expressway system.

No. Tolls are CFX’s main source of income. If you don’t drive our roads, you don’t pay for them. Surveys have shown that voluntary tolls are more popular than mandatory taxes.

Even our oldest toll roads still need to be maintained and improved. Plus, removing tolls on a particular expressway would adversely impact CFX’s ability to meet its financial obligations, including debt service.

Bonds are securities sold to investors, usually large institutional brokerages, promising repayment with interest over a defined period of time, usually 30 or 40 years. In CFX’s case, bond sales fund new road construction.

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