The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) will be investing $4 Billion in the Central Florida region over the next 5 years. The CFX Board unanimously adopted the 2024-2028 Five-Year Work Plan new plan on June 8, 2023.  As a regional transportation agency, this major investment by CFX will help with critical infrastructure needs to address the population growth in one of the fastest growing regions in the nation.

This robust and forward-thinking plan takes the evolving transportation landscape into account, including the expansion of the CFX system in critical areas, investing in sustainability and new technologies, while maintaining and improving the existing expressway system.  The Five-Year Work Plan outlines how CFX will continue to provide Central Floridians with a world-class, integrated mobility network in a fiscally sound manner that drives economic growth and improves quality of life.

Specifically, the new Five-Year Work Plan will:

  • Deliver eight widening projects on SR 417, Six on SR 429, three on SR 528, three on SR 408, and one on SR 538 (Poinciana Parkway) through year seven of the fifteen-year planning period.
  • Deliver the SR 538 Poinciana Parkway Extension, the SR 516 Lake/Orange Expressway, SR 534 between SR 417 and Nova Road, and the SR 414 Expressway Extension through year eight of the fifteen-year planning period.
  • Continue implementation of CFX’s Sustainability Program including deployment of six solar projects at eight mainline plazas and the headquarters building.
  • Complete the deployment of CFX’s Wrong Way Driver Detection System at all existing off ramp locations on CFX’s 125 expressway system.

Notably, all CFX operations are funded solely by tolls. Tolls collected on CFX expressways are reinvested locally, funding the maintenance, operations and expansion of our expressway system. The Five-Year Work Plan is the actionable extension of the long-range CFX Master Plan, which guides future operations and long-range capital investment decisions to improve the mobility and accessibility of Central Florida residents and visitors. The new FY24-28 Work Plan was created in conjunction with CFX’s 2045 Master Plan process.

About CFX’s Five-Year Work Plan

The Five-Year Work Plan is part of CFX’s budget process and serves as an important tool for the agency to effectively manage its program of system improvements, enhancements and rehabilitation. The purpose of the work plan is to identify those projects which CFX anticipates funding during the next five years. The work plan is also used in conjunction with the financial management programs used by CFX. The work plan is updated annually and presented to CFX’s Governing Board each spring for adoption. 


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