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CFX’s Board Approves Creation of Environmental Stewardship Committee

New Committee will Help CFX Mitigate Potential Environmental Impacts

The Central Florida Expressway Authority’s (CFX) Governing Board today unanimously approved the creation of an Environmental Stewardship Committee. The new committee will assist the CFX Board by providing oversight and guidance for the protection of Central Florida’s natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices.

“Central Florida is growing. We cannot stop growth, but we can mitigate the impacts to the environment. The Wekiva Parkway is a great example of how you can build a major expressway through an environmentally sensitive area while preserving environmentally sensitive lands and features,” said Seminole County Commissioner Brenda Carey, CFX Board Chairman. “CFX environmental advisory groups for specific projects will continue. The Environmental Stewardship Committee will be an overarching group of experts to help guide CFX through conservation and environmental issues. The time is right as we begin developing our long range 2045 Master Plan.”

CFX is committed to developing and maintaining a world class mobility network while balancing and supporting the protection of the natural environment. CFX’s Environmental Stewardship Committee will strengthen that commitment by evaluating projects and programs so they are designed to support the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices and make recommendations to the CFX Board.

The Environmental Stewardship Committee will be composed of representatives appointed by the elected officials serving on CFX’s board, and up to three citizen representatives submitted by the gubernatorial Board appointees. The committee members shall serve a two-year term with the opportunity for renewal. Click here to view the Environmental Stewardship Committee Charter for details.

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