The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) announces the return of the E-PASS Volume Savings Program for E-PASS customers on all CFX-owned expressways. The program returned on January 1, 2024 after the 2023 State Toll Relief Program ended.

The E-PASS Volume Savings Program is a tiered program that provides toll discounts based on the number of transactions per transponder each month. This can save E-PASS customers as much as 25% on tolls per month as shown below:

40-79 Transactions per E-PASS Transponder on CFX Expressways per month 20%
80+ Transactions per E-PASS Transponder on CFX Expressways per month 25%

Volume toll savings are for E-PASS and Uni customers only.

“Our priority is to put customers first, which includes providing savings wherever possible,” said CFX Executive Director Michelle Maikisch. CFX started providing toll discounts to E-PASS customers in 1998 and continues to return savings to E-PASS customers each year.

E-PASS customers are automatically enrolled in the program and the volume savings is automatically credited to a customer’s account for toll discounts accrued the month prior on or before the 15th of each month. There are no transaction or processing fees. The E-PASS Volume Savings Program applies to all vehicles.

E-PASS is the regional prepaid toll program operated by the Central Florida Expressway Authority. E-PASS tolls collected on CFX expressways stay local and are reinvested back into the maintenance, operations, improvements and expansion of the CFX system. The free E-PASS sticker transponder works on all toll roads and most bridges in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. The portable Uni works in 19 states and is available in black to blend into your windshield.

To take advantage of the E-PASS Volume Savings Program, go to GetEpass.com, download the E-PASS mobile app, call 407-823-7277, visit the downtown E-PASS walk-in service center, or drive-up customer service Reload Lanes.


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