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Laura Kelley to Serve as Chair of ASPIRE Executive Advisory Board

(Orlando, FL)– Laura Kelley, executive director of the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX), was elected to serve as Chair-Elect of the Executive Advisory Board (EAB) for the NSF-funded Engineering Research Center, ASPIRE. Ms. Kelley will assume the position of Chair in 2023.

ASPIRE is committed to developing charging systems that support the transition of all vehicles to electric with strong emphasis on shared public charging infrastructure.  “It is a tremendous honor to serve as Chair-Elect on the ASPIRE EAB and work with this esteemed group of national leaders in the electrified transportation industry,” Laura Kelley said. “The technology ASPIRE is developing will not only advance sustainable transportation solutions but will also forever change the role of roadway infrastructure.”

ASPIRE’s roadway electrification system charges electric vehicles traveling at highway speeds, offering a convenient alternative to at-home or electric charging stations. This technology is being piloted in locations throughout the country, including Central Florida. Through a partnership between CFX and ASPIRE, a portion of the new Lake-Orange Expressway will include ASPIRE in-road technology to charge electric vehicles.

“ASPIRE is advancing solutions that will improve transportation options for residents in Lake and Orange County and beyond,” said Sean Parks, Board Chair of the Central Florida Expressway Authority and Lake County Commissioner. “I’m confident ASPIRE will benefit from Ms. Kelley’s leadership and expertise in her role serving as the EAB Chair.”


Advancing Sustainability through Powered Infrastructure for Roadway Electrification (ASPIRE) is designated as an Engineering Research Center, the National Science Foundation’s flagship program for transformative multi-institutional research to advance sustainable, electrified transportation. ASPIRE develops solutions to facilitate the widespread electrification and charging infrastructure for all vehicle classes with the goal of improving air quality and creating more equitable transportation and electric utility infrastructure. ASPIRE’s efforts will help reduce and stabilize transportation costs and create inclusive pathways to develop a diverse engineering workforce prepared to support cross-industry transformations.


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