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Mobility Studies:

Northeast Connector Expressway

Background Information

In April 2017, CFX began conducting concept, feasibility and mobility studies on the unbuilt Osceola County Expressway Authority (OCX) Master Plan projects. The goal is to determine which, if any, meet CFX requirements for viability and funding. We value your input. Public involvement and interagency coordination are an integral part of the assessment process, and multiple opportunities for participation are being provided. Following are a brief summary of this study being undertaken, as well as section study exhibits, documents and other information.

Northeast Connector Expressway

The study corridor of the proposed Northeast Connector Expressway extends from the proposed terminus of the Southport Connector Expressway at Florida’s Turnpike northeast to the vicinity of the Osceola / Orange County line for a distance of approximately 25 miles. The study includes a proposed interchange with Florida’s Turnpike. The Northeast Connector Expressway has been known as the ‘Southport Connector East’ and the ‘SR 417 Southern Extension’ in previous studies and discussions. The goals of this proposed new limited-access facility include providing a connection from Florida’s Turnpike to US 192 and the Osceola Parkway Extension, enhancing mobility of the area’s growing population and economy, relieving congestion on local roads, providing for the incorporation of transit options, and promoting regional connectivity.

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