E-PASS Now Valid In Georgia, North Carolina

E-PASS Now Valid In Georgia, North Carolina

(Orlando, FL) Electronic tolling customers in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina can now easily use toll roads in all three states thanks to a new interoperability arrangement.

The electronic toll collection systems in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina are now interoperable, meaning customers of one state can use toll facilities in the other two states and tolls are deducted electronically from their existing home state account. Motorists with multiple toll accounts must choose a single account and corresponding transponder and remove any additional transponders from their vehicle before using toll roads in either state.

All E-PASS transponders will be accepted on Georgia’s Interstate-85 Express Lanes in Atlanta and North Carolina’s Triangle Expressway located in the Research Triangle Park Region of North Carolina, which are all-electronic tolling systems. E-PASS customers can use any lane. Conversely, any toll road in Florida that accepts E-PASS or SunPass, will now accept all Peach Pass and NC Quick Pass transponders.

Toll roads in Florida and North Carolina became interoperable in July 2013, paving the way for Georgia to join the partnership this fall. The transponder must be tied to a valid account that includes up-to-date license plate information.


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