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Mobility Studies:

Public Involvement

Background Information

In April 2017, CFX began conducting concept, feasibility and mobility studies on the unbuilt Osceola County Expressway Authority (OCX) Master Plan projects. The goal is to determine which, if any, meet CFX requirements for viability and funding.

We value your input. Public involvement and interagency coordination are an integral part of the assessment process, and multiple opportunities for participation are being provided. The second round of public meetings in February 2018 drew more than 850 people and more than 350 comments were submitted at the meetings. Following are an overall project schedule, information on public engagement opportunities and documents on the overall study corridor.

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Project Development Process – New Alignment Expansion Projects

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CFX Board Meeting- March 8

The CFX Board on March 8 approved moving forward with Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Studies for the Osceola Parkway Extension and the Poinciana Parkway Extension / I-4 Connector. Following is a link to view the Board meeting presentation on the studies:

Poinciana Parkway Extension March 2018 Board Presentation
Osceola Parkway Extension March 2018 Board Presentation

The Board also decided to revisit the Southport Connector Expressway and the Northeast Connector Expressway corridors periodically in the future as warranted by changes in the surrounding communities.

Southport Connector Expressway March 2018 Board Presentation
Northeast Connector Expressway March 2018 Board Presentation

Concept Draft Report Public Meeting

CFX Concept Studies Public Meeting Presentation – Feb. 2018
• CFX Concept Studies Corridorwide Fact Sheet Fall 2018
• Poinciana Parkway Extension / I-4 Connector Expressway Alternatives Matrix
• Poinciana Parkway Extension / I-4 Connector Expressway Typical Sections
• Poinciana Parkway Extension / I-4 Connector Expressway Corridor Alternatives
• Poinciana Parkway Extension / I-4 Connector Expressway Environ Constraints 
Osceola Parkway Extension Alternatives Evaluation Matrix
Osceola Parkway Extension Typical Sections
Osceola Parkway Extension Corridor Alternatives Board
Osceola Parkway Extension Environmental Constraints Board
Osceola Parkway Extension Refinement 1A Alternative Board
Northeast Connector Expressway Alternatives Evaluation Matrix
• Northeast Connector Expressway Typical Sections
• Northeast Connector Expressway Corridor Alternatives Board
Northeast Connector Expressway Environmental Constraints Board
 Southport Connector Expressway Alternatives Evaluation Matrix
Southport Connector Expressway Typical Sections
Southport Connector Expressway Corridor Alternatives Board (Cypress Parkway)
• Southport Connector Expressway Corridor Alternatives Board (East End)
Southport Connector Expressway Environmental Constraints Board

Kickoff Public Meetings

• CFX Concept Studies Kickoff Public Meeting Presentation – Sept.-Oct. 2017
• CFX Final Kickoff Public Meeting Release
• RESCHEDULED Concept Studies Public Kickoff Meeting 
• CFX Concept Studies Kickoff News Release

Study Materials

Poinciana Parkway Extension / I-4 Connector Expressway Fact Sheet
Southport Connector Expressway Fact Sheet
Northeast Connector Expressway Fact Sheet
Osceola Parkway Extension Fact Sheet
• CFX Concept Studies Comment form

Environmental Advisory Group (EAG) Meetings

• Concept Studies – EAG Meeting #2 Presentation January 2018
• Concept Studies – EAG Meeting #2 Summary January 2018
• Concept Studies – EAG Meeting Presentation July 2017
• Concept Studies – EAG Meeting Summary July 2017

Corridor Environmental Exhibits

I-4 Connector Environmental Board July 2017
Southport Connector Environmental Board July 2017
Northeast Connector Environmental Board July 2017
Osceola Parkway Extension Environmental Board July 2017

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