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SR 417 to Orlando Sanford International Airport Connector

About the SR 417 to Orlando Sanford International Airport Connector Concept, Feasibility, and Mobility (CF&M) Study

In August 2022, CFX began a Concept, Feasibility, and Mobility (CF&M) Study of the approximately two-mile long potential State Road 417 (Seminole Expressway) to Orlando Sanford International Airport Connector. The study will develop and evaluate transportation alternatives that will allow for better connectivity and ease future traffic growth in the area, as well as provide a direct connection from SR 417 to the airport. It also will determine if yet-to-be-identified alternatives are feasible based on engineering, economic, and environmental evaluations, and if the project is viable based on current traffic analyses.

An earlier study, completed in 2007, indicated there was a need to improve access to the airport; however, at the time, it was determined the project was not financially feasible. In 2021, the Seminole Board of County Commissioners requested that CFX conduct another feasibility study to develop and evaluate transportation options for travelers needing a more direct route between SR 417 and the airport.

Located in Seminole County, the project study area extends from SR 417 in the vicinity of the Seminole Toll Plaza northeastward to East Lake Mary Boulevard at, or in the vicinity of, the entrance to Orlando Sanford International Airport at Red Cleveland Boulevard.

About Public Involvement

Public involvement and interagency coordination will be an integral part of the assessment process, and opportunities for public participation will be provided. CFX anticipates holding one public meeting in Seminole County as part of this study.

This study is a Concept, Feasibility, and Mobility study which does not contemplate right-of-way acquisition. However, property owners near a proposed transportation project often want to know an agency’s process for buying needed private property. Click here for the Central Florida Expressway Authority’s policy on right-of-way acquisition.

If you would like to receive updates regarding this study, please email to be added to the study database.

Additional SR 417 to Orlando Sanford International Airport Connector Information

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